Kernel Property ‘Just Around the Corner’ Breakfast Series

In 2006, Cyan Ta’eed founded digital marketplace Envato from her parent’s garage. Today, she has three successful businesses.

When she was 24, Cyan and her husband dreamt up an idea of a marketplace where digital creators could share and sell their products. Today, it is one of Australia’s most successful tech companies.

More recently, while recovering from an eye injury, Cyan came up with the idea for ethical chocolate company Hey Tiger with the aim of not only making unique and exciting chocolate but also to combat the issue of child labour in the cocoa industry. To do this, a portion of the price of each chocolate bar sold is donated and matched by their charity partner, The Hunger Project.

Cyan’s third business venture, Milkshake, is a website building app for social media influencers to assist them in selling products.

Cyan is a serial entrepreneur (and close friend of Kernel), who is a strong advocate for female entrepreneurship. She shared her inspiring story of how she has grown her three businesses, while managing to maintain a balance between profitability and social and environmental consciousness.